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Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations.  They are primitive plants, evolving 450 million years ago — 70 million years before ferns and tens of millions more years before the first dinosaur. Rhizoids, not roots, are what attaches moss to the ground. mosses have no roots; moss will grow on compacted soil, even clay. As a nonvascular plant, so primitive they get what they need from the environment — moisture from the boundary layer of the soil, rain, dew, and even fog; nutrients and water move from cell to cell by osmosis. During times of drought, mosses go dormant. Pretty incredible! PLANT THE FUTURE works with moss growers around the United States. We use a variety of preserved and fresh mosses in our works. When a moss is preserved, it means that it will stay green for a very long time and will not require any watering or special care.  For more info on mosses, click here