Clear Quartz Garden



The clear quartz garden is ideal for making an intention of positivity in your home, work or meditation space. Clear quartz amplifies the energy in your heart, mind and body. Combined with a succulent, it brings all the strength and power that you may need to create a positive vibration. Each garden is unique as you connect with your intentions.

Clear Quartz symbolizes power, amplification, and healing. It amplifies the energy of all surrounding vibrations. The clear color represents light and all of the chakras in alignment. It aids in any kind of clarity seeking and healing.

Crystals are naturally charged with energetic properties from thousands of years of formation in the earth. They have their own personalities and will bring positive energy to your life. These crystals have taken so long to form, that they have the DNA of the earth engrained in their very being.  Each one is unique, hand-selected by designer Paloma Teppa and will create a connection the energy that the owner gives it.

Care Instructions

Succulent Care

Place in bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light. Water once a month with 3-5 sprays at the base of the plant. Let soil dry completely between watering. Be careful to not overwater.

Using your crystal

To start using your crystal, create an intention by thinking about a hope, wish or goal that you want to put your energy into. Place the crystal in your home, work, or meditation space and you will begin to create a connection with that energy.  


Succulent: 2.5” Diameter. All plants are one-of-a-kind and may vary based on availability.

Clear Quartz: W 5” x H 4” x D 4” approx. Each crystal is unique and appearance and size will vary.