Atelier Vierkant Organic Vase Small - Red Emerald



Atelier Vierkant was founded over 25 years ago by the Janssen family. From their studio in Belgium, they have created a unique business that exports beautiful hand-crafted, sustainable planters to all corners of the world and is a significant feature in many major interior design and landscape architecture projects. Atelier Vierkant planters are designed to last a lifetime by using a robust German clay that can be fired at high temperatures to make strong, frost-proof vessels. The clay is mixed with natural oxides to give its distinct natural colors. They are made using molds and are slowly hand carved and sculpted by a team of around 20 master craftspeople. They are sculptural pieces with large, distinct forms, earthy tactility, and organic textures and tones, going beyond their functions as planters and decorative accents to become architectural elements and sculptures of art.

My botanical name is Philodendron Erubescens. I am a vining plant native to South America where I often am found growing up trees.


Containers: 19.7" Diameter

All Atelier Vierkant containers are handmade and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and will vary the from photo slightly. 


Delivery times vary based on availability. Our floor plants have a production time of approximately one week. You will receive an email with your estimated delivery date once your order is complete.

This item is only available for pick-up or delivery in South Florida. Visit our Shippable Items category for products that can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.


Light: I will be happiest indoors with bright indirect light, but I can also tolerate low light.

Water: Start by slowly pouring 26oz. of water per week around the base of the plant. Mist my aerial roots often, especially indoors where AC reduces humidity. Do not mist me if I am or will be receiving a lot of sunlight.