Feather Rock Small - Succulents (9" H x 9" D)



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A feather lava rock forms according to the raw, wild energy of fire. After being under intense pressure, lava rocks contain the DNA of the earth. Together with succulents, they symbolize strength against all odds. They bring courage and stability into the home. 


Approximately 9" Diameter and 6" - 9" Height.  All feather lava rocks are one-of-a-kind and will slightly differ in size and appearance from the photo. Each plant is unique and will vary in appearance based on availability. 


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Place in bright indirect light, such as near a window or glass door. Make sure the arrangement is not direct sunlight as the rays of sun hitting glass acts as a magnifier and may burn the plants. 

Start by watering once a month. Using a water bottle, spray each plant 3 - 5 times from the opening of the terrarium towards the bottom of the plants. Make sure the water spray evenly throughout the arrangement. Use a paper towel if necessary to clean the inside and outside glass. Let dry out completely between watering. 

It is natural for each plant to have a different growth cycle. You may request a renovation service at any of our galleries and can replace as many plants as necessary.