1. I do not have a green thumb, will I be able to take care of these plants?

Yes, we use a lot of desert plants that require very little maintenance and are ideal for people who strugggle to keep their plants alive. Our airplant arrangement require a little bit more work but they are quit simple and are well worth it. 

2. How long will my plants live?

This depends on the conditions the plants are living in and how properly they are cared for. Generally, our desert gardens and terrarium last for many years with a few plants that dry up and need to be replaced after a few months. Our orchids are grade A quality and can last from 1-3 months. The airplants can last for 6-12 months and may produce offspring that replace the mother plant.

3. Do I have to water the plants?

 Yes, all plants require water. Although some much more than others, they all need it to survive.

4. Where are the plants from?

 The plants are sourced locally although some are partially grown in other parts of the United States and some are even imported from far away exotic places.

5. Can I bring you my own containers so that you can put plants in them?

 Yes you can bring in your own containers and we can custom made arrangements of your choice. Let us know what you are looking for and we will prepare it for you.