Feather Rock Planter - Madagascar


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My botanical name is Pachypodium lamerei but I am also known as the Madagascar Palm. Despite my name, I am actually part of the succulent and cactus family. I can grow up to 15 feet outdoors if I am healthy and happy. My personality is exotic and I will bring an elegant touch of green to any outdoor space.

A feather lava rock forms according to the raw, wild energy of fire. After being under intense pressure, lava rocks contain the DNA of the earth. Together with the Madagascar Palm, they symbolize strength against all odds. They bring courage and stability into the home. 


Place in bright, direct or indirect sunlight. 5 oz. of water once per month if indoors or in a covered area.  Let soil dry completely between watering. 

If placed outdoors in direct sunlight, allow rain to naturally water plants.



All containers are unique and will vary in shape and size. Approximate measurements are 30" W x 10" H x 25" D. Approximate weight is 100 - 150 lbs. 


All floor plants are one-of-a-kind and will vary from photo based on availability. The plants included in this arrangement vary from 4" to 18" in height. Can grow up to 15 feet tall outdoors.