Germany Round Large White - Ivy with Heart Trellis



Ivy symbolizes unity and coming together. In nature it tends to bind to the ground, tree trunks and other plants. If its growth is unchecked it can travel from one plant to another, binding the plants together. Ivy's nectar and pollen is beneficial to bees and butterflies. As an indoor plant it has low maintenance which is perfect for beginners.


Place in a room with bright indirect light. The ivy will grow quickly adhering to the heart trellis. This plant can also tolerate low light or even some direct light. Water by pouring 6 oz of water evenly and throughly at the base of the plant once a week or when the top inch of soil is dry. Adjust watering schedule by checking the dryness of the soil according to your conditions.


Diameter 7.5" x Height 7" (Up to 19" with Trellis and Plant)