Germany Round Medium - Pilea peperomioides



Pilea peperomioides is a beautiful and elegant houseplant rarely found in United States. Also known as Chinese Money Plant or Coin Plant, its minimal, flat round leaves create a sense of wonder and elegance. Originating in China, a Norwegian missionary took cuttings to Europe and since then it has been passed on from botanists and plant-lovers. Taking care of Pilea will help them produce many plantlets in bright indirect light.


Light: Place in bright indirect sunlight such as near a window. Avoid rays of sun hitting the leaves.

Water: Pour 6 oz of water at the base of the plant over the soil once a week. Let the soil dry out between watering. Use your finger to test dryness of soil and adapt watering frequency to light and temperature conditions.


Diameter 7.5" x Height 7" (Up to 19" with Plant) 


This item is only available for pick-up or delivery in the Metro-Miami area. This item cannot be shipped. All gardens are one-of-a-kind pieces and will slightly differ from the photo.