Germany Round White Medium - Ponytail Palm (16" H x 8" D)



Ponytail Palms give a bright, tropical look to any space. Although they are not actually palms, but rather members of the dracaena family, these plants will give a burst of joyful energy to your home or office. Ponytail Palms inspire us to be carefree and seize every moment with their lush, curly foliage. This plant arrangement works well on any tabletop or counter. 


Container: 9" H x 8" Diameter

Plants: vary from 7-9" in height. Each plant is unique and will vary based on availability.


Delivery times vary based on availability. Our plant arrangements have a production time of approximately three days. You will receive an email with your estimated delivery date once your order is complete.

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Place in bright indirect light, such as near a window or glass door.
Start by watering once a week. Using a spray water bottle, spray the plant 20-25 times per plant. Use a paper towel if necessary to clean the container. Let dry out completely between watering.