Gnome Garden



Gnomes have been popular additions to gardens since humans began decorating their lawns. A timeless piece that needs no introduction, gnomes are the silent guardians of our beautiful personal landscapes. This gnome stands firm over its own garden, never stepping away from the nature it has sworn to protect. At the same time, it holds up a small air plant, a reminder that ruggedness of nature is counterbalanced by the precious beauty it is also able to create.

The Gnome Garden is a life-size free standing sculpture on a mound of natural preserved moss.  The garden is intended for indoor use or outdoor in a covered area. 


Preserved moss requires no regular maintenence. Moss art can be placed indoors or outdoors in a covered area. You may want to refresh and fluff the moss by misting with a spray bottle after shipping or installation.

Airplant should be misted twice a week or submerged in water for 5 minutes once a week. 


Gnome Sculpture: W 19.25” x D 17” H 51”

Circular Base: W 25” x D 25" x H 3"