Green Junk Chandelier (48" H x 24" W)

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Green Junk Chandelier II (2017)

Paloma Teppa & Songhe Kim Collaboration

Repurposed toys, found objects and preserved moss.

This one-of-a-kind chandelier is a working light fixture and also features preserved moss. Songhe Kim and Paloma Teppa began collaborating in 2017, creating sculptures from recycled toys and natural plant material from Japan and United States. As Kim builds a scence of toys and repurposed objects, Teppa responds by placing live and preserved plants. Together they create artwork that encourages upcycling. 

This artwork is one of a kind. Commissions may be made upon request. Call Plant the Future Design Studio for inquiries.


24" W x 24" D x 48" H


This piece is available for pickup or delivery in the Miami Metro area. If you live outside of the Miami Metro area, contact our showroom at 305-222-7500 to complete your purchase and obtain a shipping quote.