Hippo Garden


Plants and animals understand perfectly how to coexist with one another; we humans are still trying. The Hippo Garden is a life-size free standing sculpture that includes a beautiful green garden of cacti and succulents. The garden is intended for indoor use. 

Place in bright indirect light, such as near a window or glass door. Make sure the arrangement is not direct sunlight as the rays of sun may burn the plants.

Start by watering once a month. Using a spray water bottle, spray each plant 5-7 times towards the bottom of the plants at the soil. Make sure the water spray evenly throughout the arrangement. Let dry out completely between watering. 

It is natural for each plant to have a different growth cycle. You may request a renovation service at any of our galleries and can replace as many plants as necessary.

Sculpture: W 50” x D 19” x H 24.5”
Plants: Vary from 2-24” in height.  Can include a white museum pedestal by request.