Horse Large Standing - Juncea Airplants


Special Order : 5- 7 Days TURNAROUND TIME

This horse represents the equilibrium between two powerful elements of mother Nature: Earth and Air. A collaboration between sisters Paloma and Chu Teppa. Paloma, the Spanish word for Dove, is the older sister that represents Air. The younger sister Chu, born in the zodiac sign Taurus, represents Earth. The horses stand tall, confident, and strong to represent the freedom and power that we have to make our own decisions as children of this planet. The Tillandsia Junceas that make the mane and tails are tropical airplants. Living unrooted, the Juncea teaches us to embrace our wild intuition.  The horse has a deep and harmonious connection with the Earth, as the plant does with Air. Their relationship shows us humans the magic in two different beings coexisting in harmony. You will now enter into this relationship, and given your love and commitment, they will give you a beautiful bloom.

Care Instructions
Airplants require a place with bright light that will allow them to breathe and grow, such as near a window.  They thrive through humidity, but not excessive water. Although Airplants can live in nature more than 30 years, growing indoors you can expect them to live 2-6 months. To water them, use a spray bottle to spray each plant 3 times directly and evenly at least twice a week. You may need to use a paper towel to clean the figurine after you are finished watering. Do not place in direct sunlight.

W 20" x  D 5" x H 20" (Up to H 32" with Airplants)