Kokedama Large Plumosa (12" H x 6" D)


Special Order. May take up to two weeks to produce. Selected pickup or delivery date is not final and will change based on availability.


Kokedama is a Japanese artform of creating an environment for plants in a hanging ball of moss. Kokedamas represent the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi - a way of life that finds the beauty in the imperfect. Encompassed in moss and string, Kokedamas can hang or sit on tabletops. The Plumosa ferns love staying moist and partial shade.


Place in bright, indirect light. Soak the moss ball completely once a week by submerging in water in a bowl. Plumosa ferns love moisture, so you can mist them 2-3 times a week. 


6” W x  6” D x 12” H. Each plant is unique and will vary in size and appearance. Agate slice can be sold separately.