Kokedama Large Staghorn 6" on Amethyst Slice



A Kokedama is a Japanese botanical artform of creating an environment for plants in a hanging ball of moss. Kokedamas represent the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi - a way of life that finds the beauty in the imperfect. Encompassed in moss and string, Kokedamas can hang or sit on tabletops.

The Staghorn Fern, also known as Platycerium or Elkhorn fern, is a species native to certain locations in Australia, Africa, and also Southeast Asia. It tends to grow near rainforests and has long, arching fronds which jet out of the center in a variety of directions. The large fronds bring a sense of peace and calm from hanging free in the wind.

Amethyst is a crystal that brings awareness to the crown chakra and creates clarity. The deep purple hues calm the mind, encourage strength, and bring abundance. Amethyst will help you find tranquility, washing away any worries that they may have. Through its calming presence you will create inner strength. By keeping this crystal in your environment you will attract positive energy, peace, and spiritual growth.  


Plant: W 6” x  D 6” x H 12”

Amethyst Slice: W 9" x D 8.5" x H 1"

Each plant and amethyst slice is unique and will vary in size and appearance. 


This piece is available for shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. If you live in the Miami Metro area, you can also select pickup or local delivery.


Soak the moss ball completely once a week by submerging in water in a bowl. Staghorns have two sets of leaves (fronds): one that long upright foliage that resemble the horns of the Staghorn and the other are the shields. Shields grow on the base will turn to a brown color as part of their growth cycle. The shield fronds provide stability so do not remove them. Staghorn ferns also have lovely silver velvet covering on their fronds that often gets mistaken for dust. Do not remove this fuzz as it protects the leaves from too much sun and it helps them retain moisture.