Magic Box Black - Silver & Gold Aura Quartz



SILVER AURA QUARTZ The energy of Silver Aura Quartz will align all seven chakras. The silver resonates with the feminine side while the Quartz resonates with the masculine side. The combination of the energies will create balance in your opposite fields of energy.

GOLD AURA QUARTZ Gold Aura Quartz brings awareness to the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. It will bring abundance to your life through positive thoughts and actions. and aid clarity and mental focus. Keeping one in your environment will incite leadership, success, and influence.

PALO SANTO The holy wood has been used for centuries in South America to cleanse the aura and shift the energy of a space. To begin your ritual, hold the stick at a 45 degree angle to flame. Set your intention and the smoke of the Palo Santo will raise the vibration and draw in positivity.

WHITE SAGE Sage is a cleansing and purifying plant used to produce positive energy and protect a space. Light the sage at the very tips of the leaves. Direct the smoke across the room and around your body. The smoke will clear any energy that needs to be released.

FIRE To light a fire is to make a connection with the element of energy. Fire represents action, passion and wild untamed energy. There is power in fire as a symbol – but ultimately the power is within you. Place your lit incense on a fire proof surface. Do not leave unattended.

Using your Crystals 

Crystals are naturally charged with energetic properties from thousands of years of formation in the earth. They have their own personalities and will bring positive energy to your life. To start using your crystal, create an intention by thinking about a hope, wish or goal that you want to put your energy into. Place in your home, work, or meditation space and you will begin to create a connection with that energy. 


Gift Box: 13 x 3 x 3 in.

Silver & Gold Aura Quartz: Approx. 2.5 in. each.  Every crystal is unique, hand-selected and will vary from photo. 

Sage: L 4 in. L

Palo Santo: L 4 in. L