Moss Heart Large 29"


The moss heart is a representation of true love. Love can be sweet, soft, and tender just like moss. We encourage you to use the strongest emotion known to man to make the world a better place for every single living thing you encounter. This piece can work well on any wall and serve as a daily reminder to give and receive love into your heart.

Moss was the first plant to emerge from the ocean and conquer the land. It is a natural indicator of direction, used for navigation as they grow on the north side of trunks in nature. Moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life. Its silence will allow you to hear your inner voice. Moss invites you to connect with your feeling of touch.

A seamless combination of nature and art, this moss piece can bring harmony to any room where it's placed. Just like a painting or framed picture, you can hang this moss heart up anywhere you'd like and see it as a daily reminder of the endless beauty that surrounds us.

Care Instructions
Preserved moss needs no regular maintenance. Keep indoors or out of direct sunlight and rain to avoid fading. We recommend to lightly spray with water to refresh and fluff the moss after shipping or installation.

29" Diameter. Ready-to-hang artwork.