Moss Sign - "Thank You" Cursive



Be grateful for every moment in order to achieve happiness and peace in your life. Moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life, inspiring you to appreciate what surrounds you and be content with the blessings you have, which is the key to fulfillment. Just like a painting or framed picture, you can hang this moss "Thank You" up anywhere you'd like and see it as a daily reminder to express gratitude.


Thank: 45.5" W x 17" H

You: 29" W x 17" H


This piece is available for shipping in the United States. If your shipping address is in South Florida, you can also select pickup or local delivery.

Delivery dates vary based on availability. This piece has a production time of approximately one week. You will receive an email with your estimated delivery date once your order is complete. 


Preserved Moss requires no regular maintenance. Keep indoors or out of direct sunlight and rain to avoid fading. We recommend lightly spraying with water to refresh and fluff the moss after shipping or installation.