Munny Small Rockstar - Large Juncea Airplants




Plant The Future enters the Kid Robot universe by transforming the legendary MUNNY with hair made of airplants on its head. The Munny reminds us to be playful and reach into our imagination every day. Having the MUNNY in your life will remind you to embrace your inner-child, and connect with purity of the stage of innocence, fantasy and play. Each one of the Munnies is a one-of-a-kind art piece so no two are alike. In Nature, every breathing creature animal, human or plant, is unique...just take a look at your fingerprint and you will see just how special you are. The Tillandsia Juncea, that makes the hair is a tropical airplant. Living unrooted, she teaches us to embrace our wild intuition.

Care Instructions

Air plants require a room with bright light that will allow the plants to breathe and grow, such as near a door or window. Using a spray water bottle, spray thoroughly and evenly at least once a month. You may need to use a paper towel to clean the figurine after you are finished watering.  Do not place in direct sunlight. 


W 5" x D 4" H 7" (Up to 20" with airplants)