Oslo Medium - Double Phalaenopsis Orchid (7"D x 26.5" H)



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Orchids are feminine divinity at its fullest potential, keeping a sense of magnificence, mystery and artistic splendor within them. In terms of energy, they carry grace, elegance, strength and love, making them beautiful gifts for your significant other, if your goal is strengthening your relationship with that person. The significance of the orchid is very powerful and carries a more romantic aura. Indeed, it represents seduction and desire, but also perfection and feminine grace. Orchids are beautiful gifts for birthdays, weddings or even romantic celebrations.


Approximately 7" Diameter x 26.5" H 

Container: 7” Diameter  x 6.5” Height

Orchids: Up to 30” height. Please note, all orchid arrangements are one-of-a-kind pieces and will slightly differ from the photo. Orchid colors vary between white or purple based on availability.


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Orchids need to be watered once a week on the same day. Using a spray water bottle, apply 35-40 sprays of water on the bottom of the plant by the roots. You can also use two ice cubes per plant. Never spray the flower or the stem.  Once orchid flowers fall, cut the stem right below the last flower so that a new stem can grow with new flower buds. Do not put in direct sunlight.