Staghorn Fern On Acrylic Disk (Made to Order)


Special Order  5- 7 Days TURNAROUND TIME

The Staghorn Fern, also known as Platycerium or Elkhorn Fern, is a species native to certain locations in Australia, Africa, and also Southeast Asia. It tends to grow near rainforests and has long, arching fronds which jet out of the center in a variety of directions. This plant works well placed on a wall mount where it can be left to hang and grow. The large fronds bring a sense of peace and calm that is different from other air plants. We recommend getting these in odd number combinations (1, 3, 5...). The disk comes with a perforation on top to hang with a small screw or nail. 

Care Instructions
Periodically check moisture level of the plant by touching the base of the plant. When dry, remove disk from wall and take to kitchen sink to be drenched thoroughly in water. Make sure to water plant from all sides. The moss in the back of the plant should absorb water. Let drip for 10-15 minutes and hang back on the wall. Recommended to water 1-2 per week as needed. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Staghorns have two sets of leaves: one that long upright foliage that resemble the horns of the Staghorn and the others are the shields. Shields grow on the base will turn to a brown color as part of their growth cycle. The shield leafs provide stability so do not remove them. Staghorn ferns also have lovely silver velvet covering on their fronds that often gets mistaken for dust. Do not remove this fuzz as it protects the leaves from too much sun and it helps them retain moisture. 

Disk: 13” Diameter x .25” Depth
Moss: 8” diameter approximately. Shield leafs can grow up to 13” and may cover the acrylic disk.