Stormtrooper Small Garden


The Stormtrooper garden is meant to create a homage to the movies that have inspired generations to believe in the magic of the past, present and future. The Past has the value to never forget, your roots, your values. The Present represents the work that you do to build something for yourself, enjoy the moment, everything you may have learned whether good or bad you have the chance to bring it to your reality in the present. The Future is the exciting possibilities of the unknown, what we have yet to see but we hope to one day, your dreams, your goals, where we’re going. 

Although Stormtroopers are soldiers that are programmed to work for the Dark Side, with plants in their head, these have decided to go into the light. In the path of life, you too, can choose to be in the dark side or be the light side. The cactus, just like a soldier, stands for strength and resilience. Behind their tough exterior is softness and vulnerability. The colors of the cacti have powerful meanings: red is passion, pink is love, orange is healing, and yellow is transformation. Choose the color based on what you want to bring into your life or the life of others. 

Care Instructions
Place in bright light close to a window or door. Using a spray bottle, spray approximately 3 - 5 sprays per plant towards the base (soil) of the plants once a month. Make sure to spray the water evenly throughout. Let arrangement dry out completely before watering again.

W 4.5" x D 5" x H 3.5" (Up to 8" with plants)

Please note: Plant selection will depend on availability and may vary.